Jordan Spoliansky - Peer Navigator

“As a Peer Navigator, I contribute to the well-being and recovery of our participants. I do this work in support of gathering knowledge pertaining to accessible and effective treatment options.”     

Usiel Gutierrez - Peer Navigator 

“My name is Usiel Gutierrez and I work as a peer navigator. I joined this field because I want to help make a difference in our community and be a light for people in their darkest moments.”

Jagroop Chahal - Mobile Unit Operator 

“My role is to drive to Mobile unit to locations where we set up, and I do outreach and look for new locations where we can set up.”

Christopher Blades - Community Program Manager

“I am committed to bridging the gap between clinical research and community acceptance by providing awareness on the current Opiate crisis, and highlighting the benefits of MOUD and peer navigation support.” 

Brigitte Abrego - Medical Assistant

“Providing great patient care has been my number one passion throughout my career as an MA. I'd love to be able to bring my extensive experience as well as provide substantial support to our 094 team. I hope to aid others in this project by creating compassionate medical care as well as establish a strong relationship with our communities.”

Brandon Moghanian -Undergraduate Research Assistant

“I have a strong passion to learn more about research that aims to develop innovative ways to deliver health care in the effort to prevent, as well as treat, addiction and infectious disease. I am excited to be a part of such an amazing research team!”

Shaza Hummel - Research Clinician

“It's a privilege to intersect individuals at the very margins of life. As a nurse practitioner, my role is to provide treatments for opioid use dependence and referral for engagement in the healthcare system. The ultimate goal is to reduce individual harm and demonstrate respect for human dignity in a population that is marked by trauma and disenfranchisement. The answers to questions from this study will have important implications for urban areas experiencing systemic opioid use and fatal overdoses.”

Danielle Seiden - Project Director

“I have been working with vulnerable populations for the past 20 years managing numerous research studies focusing on the needs of people living with HIV, criminal-justice-involvement and substance use disorders. 094 is a unique project in that it brings care to the community, thus reducing the many hurdles that often leave disenfranchised patient populations under-served. With our great team of navigators, clinicians, researchers and administrators, I am excited to (quite literally) roll out our clinic-on-wheels!”

Jennifer Baughman - Administrator

“I have spent twenty years working in research that focuses on addiction treatment, HIV treatment and prevention, and the intersection of the two. My job duties focus on administration and operational logistics. It is extremely gratifying to work with such a dedicated team and to see the impact we make in the community.”

Dr. David Goodman-Meza, MD - Site Principal Investigator

“My drive is preventing infections and getting the best treatment available to people who use drugs. I believe that people who use drugs face barriers at multiple levels to getting good health care, and that we need to figure out ways to get people the care that they need and deserve. This project tries to do this, and tries to develop the evidence on how to get people who use drugs the best health care out there.”


Dr. Steve Shoptaw, PhD - National Protocol Chair 

“I am committed to improving the health of PWID, especially those PWID who are living with or who are at risk for HIV.”